Hank Hooper performing Hank Hooper
Playground Fortune Teller
Hank Hooper and BitWorks Music present
this multimedia album download edition

    17 great original songs
            and an interactive eBook!
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"That's My Chicken"!


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Hank Hooper and BitWorks Music have produced this first-ever multimedia album download for kids! "Playground Fortune Teller" contains 17 original songs and an interactive eBook illustrated and narrated by Hank. All songs were written and performed by Hank Hooper, playing a wide assortment of guitars, banjo, ukelele, keyboard, and bass, with vocals from Hank and a cast of many guest stars.

Check out the free single "That's My Chicken" and samples of the album. "Playground Fortune Teller" is not just a great kids' album--music lovers of all ages will find plenty of new favorites here.

But wait! There's more! Here are the top 10 reasons for buying the multimedia album download edition:
10. BitWorks Music guarantees your download experience to be trouble free. If you have any problems or questions, just email: support@bitworksmusic.com for assitance.
9. We use Paypal for secure payment processing, accepting all major credit cards.
8. You can play the shiny new MP3 files on any portable media player, watch the interactive eBook play on your computer, or burn a CD if you wish.
7. Where else can you find robots, chickens, and the human fly all on the same album?
6. Hankspella, as a fortune telling story teller, teaches the importance of playground patience and sharing, and, oh yeah.. he rocks!
5. Buying "Playground Fortune Teller" makes Pizza Monster happy.
4. Mola Mola (What's a Mola Mola?)
3. It's much easier to download the multimedia edition than travel to California to see Hank Hooper live (unless you live near Alameda).
2. Downloads save the planet! .. and save on postage.
... and the number 1 reason to buy the multimedia edition:
1. No chickens were harmed in the production of "Playground Fortune Teller".

Here are more details on the exclusive multimedia album download edition.

The MP3 songs were encoded at the maximum bitrate of 320 kbps for best possible audio quality. The book narration was encoded at a slightly lower 224 kbps for excellent quality with slightly smaller file sizes. For audiophiles, we also provide the lossless FLAC versions of all 17 songs for only $15 (this includes the complete MP3 edition as well).

The interactive eBook is programmed in HTML and Javascript and requires the free Quicktime browser plugin to be installed on your computer. The eBook was developed exclusively for Hank Hooper by BitWorks Music.

You can visit HankHooper.com for Hank's free podcasts and videos, or to buy the CD and paperback edition of "Playground Fortune Teller".

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Hank Hooper